"The Lord bestowed this chartreuse to us for good reason. I would never allow a peasant to tarnish its name!"
―Sister Sorel confessing to the murder, 1793.[src]

Sister Sorel was a nun living at the Convent des Filles de l'Enfant Jesus in Paris. She was responsible for storing a large supply of illegal chartreuse elixir, manufactured by the convent's Carthusian monks, within the catacombs beneath the convent.

In 1793, Philibert Aspairt discovered the hidden stash and attempted to steal it, but was discovered by Sister Sorel. She warned him not to return, only for him to do so several days later. Sorel then murdered him by striking him in the head with a shovel. Philibert's murder was investigated by the Assassin Arno Dorian, who found enough evidence to force the nun to confess. She did so gladly, and was arrested.