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Solo Bolden

Solomon "Solo" Bolden (unknown – 1805), better known as the Black Cross, was a Templar agent active during the early 19th century.

The inquisitor of the Inner Sanctum like all the Black Crosses before him, Bolden travelled all around the world to keep an eye on the Grand Masters of the various Rites, to verify that they stayed in line with the Templar Code and if necessary to eradicate any corrupted Templars he could find.


In 1805, Bolden posed as a slaver sailing to Tripoli in order to buy slaves, while in fact he was planning to rescue his predecessor, Tavis Olier, who was believed to be dead while he was in fact kept prisoner in the city dungeon. During the crossing of the Mediterranean Sea, Bolden dispatched pirates sent after him by the Sultan Selim III and "befriended" Jan van der Graff, a Belgian agent of Napoleon Bonaparte supposedly sent to Tripoli to acquire precious fabrics. The two men made a pact; Bolden would protect van der Graff during his mission and the latter would use his contacts to help the Black Cross enter the palace.

Once in the port city of Derna, the two men took camels and traveled to Tripoli, where they eventually met with van der Graff's contacts in a local tavern. There, Edmund, a deserter marines and Ahkbar, a shady local, revealed to them the existence of a secret underground tunnel used by the Sultans to discretly smuggle precious cargo into the palace. Following the departure of their companions, Bolden and van der Graff bonded over several drinks with the former trying to learn what "the diamond" mentioned by Edmund was, when they were interrupted by Edmund being shot by guards in the street.

Later, they entered the tunnel after van der Graff picked the tunnel gate's lock, but were confronted by several men waiting for them. During the brawl, Ahkbar, who was in fact an agent of the Sultan, stabbed Bolden in the back. With his dying breath, Bolden told van der Graff to find Tavis Olier, the Black Cross.


Eventually, van der Graff escaped his captivity three years later, after being trained and inducted into the Order by Olier during their imprisonment together. During his escape the Templar recovered the Koh-i-Noor before taking a boat for America, where he intented to meet Solomon's widow to tell her the fate of her husband. Once there, Jan van der Graff also fathered a child with her, who carried on the name of the Boldens.

Equipment and skills

Solomon was a highly skilled swordsman having easily beheaded the pirate captain sent to kill him as well as best at least one of the sultans royal guards. His skill was noted by van der Graff who believed these skills would help him get into the palace. He also appeared to posses highly developed reflexes once catching a knife thrown at van der Graff mere inches from his face.


Following Solomon's death, van der Graff was trained by Tavis Olier. Using his new skills, he recovered the Koh-i-Noor. Eventually he met Bolden's widow, with whom he fathered a child who carried on the name of the Boldens.