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"I've always known that in your heart, you were a scientist first, a Templar second."
―Alan Rikkin to Sofia, 2016.[src]

Sofia Rikkin (born 1980) is a scientist and the head of the Abstergo Foundation Rehabilitation Center in Madrid. She is also the daughter of Alan Rikkin, the former CEO of Abstergo Industries and part of the Templar Order's Inner Sanctum, with whom she had a difficult relationship.

In October 2016, Sofia came into contact with Callum Lynch, a criminal whose Assassin ancestry was of interest to the Council of Elders within the Order. During their time together the pair formed a connection but when Lynch's escape from the Foundation led to the death of Alan Rikkin at his hand, Sofia dedicated herself to chasing down her father's killer.


In 1984, Sofia's mother was killed by an Assassin when she was still a toddler. After achieving brilliant studies in her adolescence, Sofia consequently decided to follow in her father's footsteps and joined the Templar Order.

In 2006, she discovered Layla Hassan, a college dropout, and recruited her into Abstergo's Young Innovators program. Promising her a place on the Animus Project, the two became close acquaintances, but cut ties from each other some years later after Layla showed reckless behavior too brash for Sofia's liking.[2]

By 2014, she was put in charge of the Abstergo Foundation Rehabilitation Center in Madrid, where she studied violence and tried to find a cure for it. In 2016, she witnessed the death of her father at the hands of Callum Lynch.

Personality and characteristics

An idealist, Sofia believes she can better the world through her work at Abstergo[3] and seeks to eradicate humanity's violent impulses using science and the Pieces of Eden. In doing so, she hopes to create a more peaceful society.[4]

A hard working scientist above all, she could be quite distant at times and often disregarded giving credit to others, such as taking credit for the Animus 4.3 concept art conceived by Layla Hassan.

Her relationship with her father Alan Rikkin was difficult and estranged most of the time; where he sought to contain the Assassin threat, she only sought to contain violence itself.[5]


ACM Sophia Callum ancestor

Callum's ancestor

  • The name Sofia is derived from the Greek Σοφια, which means "wisdom". In the movie novelization, Alan Rikkin mentions that she was named for this reason.
  • Sofia speaks three languages fluently.
  • Sofia seems to share some of Callum Lynch's ancestry, as one of his ancestors appearing through the Animus was a female Assassin whose appearance was identical to Sofia's.