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Piri: "Ah! Turkish smoke bombs. Are you curious to try a few?"
Ezio: "Should I? I have used smoke bombs before, with varying results."
Piri: "But not like ours. We have a special recipe for deep, dark clouds. Throw one of these and your eyes are useless. You must rely on your hearing, and... any other senses you may have cultivated."
—Piri Reis, describing a smoke screen bomb to Ezio.[src]
Smoke decoy

A typical Smoke Screen bomb

Smoke screen bombs, also known simply as smoke bombs, are tactical explosives that have been in use by the Assassins, to varying degrees, since their founding as the Hidden Ones in 47 BCE, and were a regular part of their arsenal during the Renaissance, both in Italy and Constantinople. In Italy, they were purchasable from blacksmiths, whereas in Constantinople, smoke screen bombs were required to be crafted using any shell or gunpowder type combined with the phosphorus effect. Additionally, they could also be obtained by looting the corpses of Varangian guards.


Smoke screen bombs used in Constantinople released a thick, dark cloud of smoke, obscuring the vision of those trapped in its radius. Its effect was so great that those inside the smoke screen had to rely completely on their hearing whilst the smoke covered them. It also blinded the vision of Ezio as well, forcing him to use Eagle Sense in order to "see" inside the cloud of smoke.

It was a highly effective bomb, both at breaking pursuit and disabling any guards, without risking civilian casualties. It did not, however, last for very long, allowing the guards outside its radius (while still unable to pass through) to be capable of attacking.[1]

After advancing enough through the ranks of the Assassin Order, certain Assassin apprentices were also able to equip themselves with the bombs.[2][1]


During the formative years of the Hidden Ones, Bayek of Siwa made use of smoke bombs as a distractive tool. Centuries later, in 1478, Ezio Auditore da Firenze traveled to San Gimignano to assassinate the remaining Pazzi conspirators, and in particular, Stefano da Bagnone. Upon reaching the abbey where he was located, one of Mario Auditore's mercenaries provided Ezio with a smoke bomb to use upon escape. From there on, smoke bombs were able to be purchased from blacksmiths.[3]

In Rome, during the 16th century, smoke bombs were also able to be purchased from blacksmiths for 350ƒ each, however, only after the smoke bomb pouch was purchased from a tailor for 9500ƒ. This allowed Ezio to carry a total of three smoke bombs at a time.[2]

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In Constantinople, smoke screen bombs were crafted instead, using an ingredient called phosphorus. Upon speaking to Piri Reis about the bomb, he explained to Ezio on how to use the new explosive. To allow him to try the bomb for himself, Piri sent Ezio on a mission in which the Assassin used the smoke screen bomb to infiltrate a church courtyard and steal the bomb ingredients stored there.[1]