"You must know the old saying, where there is smoke, there is fire? These bombs play off that idea, creating a thick plume of smoke to trick city guards into believing a fire has started. These bombs are quiet, however, so only those who see the smoke will be lured away."
―Piri Reis, describing a smoke decoy bomb to Ezio Auditore.[src]
Smoke decoy bomb

A smoke decoy bomb

Similar to cherry bombs, smoke decoy bombs were explosives that could be used by Ezio Auditore and the Ottoman Assassins, which lured guards away by creating the illusion of a fire. They were silent however, so only those who saw the fire were distracted.


Smoke decoy bombs could be crafted by combining salt of Petra with any gunpowder and casing type.

On detonation, these bombs released a thick plume of smoke, tricking guards into believing that a fire had started. However, they were only effective if the bomb detonated within a guard's visual range.


  • Ezio referred to the bomb as a "smoke signal bomb" as opposed to a "smoke decoy bomb" when he asked Piri Reis about it in the memory "Piri Reis: Smoke Decoy."



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