DB Smith and Company Brewery

Smith and Company Brewery

The Smith and Company Brewery was a brewery in New York.


The brewery was founded in 1752 by Jonas and Elias Smith, and by 1775, it was the largest of its kind in New York. While Jonas was a Loyalist, he still provided beer to George Washington's troops when they occupied the city.

Three years later, after the British captured New York, the brewery was abandoned and became a hideout for Benjamin Church, a traitor to both the Continental Army and the Templar Order. Haytham Kenway and his son Connor entered the building to apprehend Church, and during the ensuing struggle with Church's mercenaries, the brewery was set on fire, but not before the pair had learned that Church had fled to Martinique on the Welcome. Connor and Haytham then climbed to the top of the burning structure before crashing through a door on the upper floors, landing safely in the harbor below. 



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