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Simon Chase was a virtual representation of one of Jacob Frye and Evie Frye's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Jacob or Evie were tasked with bringing in Simon Chase.


Jacob or Evie kidnapped Chase.

  • Chase: What?
    What do you think you're doing?
    Did Miss Swinebourne send you?
  • Jacob: Be quiet.
    I said, be quiet.
  • Chase: I'm in the middle of work!
  • Jacob: Is it your job to pollute the river?
  • Chase: It's nothing personal, but a man must also make a living.
  • Jacob: A man must pay for his crimes.

Evie's interaction would be slightly different.

  • Chase: What?
    What do you think you're doing?
    Did Miss Swinebourne send you?
  • Evie: Quiet.
    Quiet down.
  • Chase: I'm supposed to be working, here!
  • Evie: Well your workplace shortcuts are making a whole bunch of people sick, Mister Chase.
  • Chase: Getting paid by the crate and not by the hour makes things rough for me.
  • Evie: Polluting the Thames with chemical waste is not the break you're looking for.

If Chase shook free, he would react as follows.

  • Chase: Stay away from me!
    Someone, this crazy woman is after me!
    Now piss off!

Jacob apprehended Chase once more.

  • Chase: Look! Let me go, and I'll change my ways!
  • Jacob: You'll do no such thing.

Evie's interaction would be slightly different.

  • Chase: I'm sorry, all right! It's just that-
  • Evie: You've got a complaint? Take it up with the police.

Jacob or Evie forced Chase into a carriage.

  • Chase: I'm trapped! Get me out of here!

Jacob or Evie delivered Chase to Abberline.

  • Abberline: I'll send one of the medical staff down to assess the damage.


Chase was delivered to the authorities.


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