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"He was so obsessed with the revolution he spent all our money on it. I hardly got the attention I deserved. I suppose he died how he wanted. A martyr."
―Simmone Evrard on her husband, 1793.[src]

Simmone Evrard (February 1764 – 1824) was the wife of leading Jacobin politician Jean-Paul Marat.

Marat's strong dedication to revolutionary politics meant that he spent all of his family's funds on supporting the revolution, and he gave Simmone little attention as a husband. She wrote a letter to him while he hid from his enemies in the Paris sewers, pleading with him to return home. When Marat was assassinated in July 1793, Arno Dorian investigated the killing. On questioning Simmone, he noted that she seemed unaffected by the death of her husband.


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