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Sheed close up


Sheed (unknown – 2016) was a member of Erudito and one of the new field agents trained after the reorganization of the hacker collective in 2016.


Acting as the sparring partners of a recovering Galina Voronina, Sheed and My'shell received additional training from the skilled Assassin in the Argentinian complex of Erudito. Following the formal alliance between their organizations, Sheed and his partner were sent with Voronina to capture the rogue Assassin Joseph Laurier in Somalia.[1]

Once in Somalia, the team infiltrated a inauguration ceremony attended by Zerha Okur, a local Templar, after they discovered that Laurier was in the country to kill her. Using a facial recognition software, Sheed and his partners waited for their prey but instead were fooled by the experienced Assassin. Indeed, having spotted them, Laurier hacked the software and sent Sheed and Galina on a false match on the docks near the inauguration site.[2]

Now alone, My'shell failed to capture Laurier as he was about to kill Okur and he fled back to the docks where he subdued Sheed. As Galina and My'sheel engaged Laurier, Sheed used the diversion to recover his gun and took aim at the renegade. While Galina was ordering Sheed to kill Laurier, My'shell received a message from Erudito alerting the members of the collective that their HQ was attacked by the Templars. Hearing Sheed arguing with My'shell about his unwillingness to follow Erudito's protocol and hide, Laurier offered to help them in order to save Charlotte de la Cruz.[3]

However, upon their arrival above the island, Laurier's jet was shot down by the Templars and Sheed died in the crash.[4]