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"Have your fun, men. And round up some women for me when you're finished."
―Shalim to his bodyguards, as they visited a brothel.[src]
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Kyrenia, Kingdom of Cyprus

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The Secret Crusade

Shalim (unknown – 1192) was the twin brother of Shahar, the son of Moloch, and a member of the Templar Order.


During Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad's search for the Limassol Archives, he spied on Shalim to find the location of Maria Thorpe. However, being no use to the Master Assassin, Shalim went to a brothel with some of his bodyguards, harassing the citizens and merchants of Kyrenia beforehand to gather some money for their visit. There, Shalim took one of the prostitutes and went back to his castle, telling his bodyguards to get more women for him when they were done.


Later, one of the monks that Altaïr had conversed with told him that he suffered from hearing all of the sins that Shalim committed, as he frequently came to make confessions. When Altaïr asked about Shalim's attitude, the monk replied that "To oppose him would mean death", and when he inquired about the Archives, the answer was cut by commotion outside.

The source of this commotion erupted once Shahar had taken a place on an orator's stand and broadcasted the details of Armand Bouchart's plans to the people of Kyrenia. At first, Altaïr mistook Shalim for Shahar, since he was unaware at the time that the two were twins.

Then, after his speech, Shahar headed to Saint Hilarion Castle. Altaïr was soon given his own chance to enter the castle, as the bodyguards of Shalim came to bring more women – Maria among them – following which the Assassin sneaked in with them.


Altaïr soon learned that Shalim and Shahar were twins, as he faced both of them inside the castle, alone; Maria had fled, leaving only Altaïr to fight against the two skilled swordsmen. Eventually, Shalim and Shahar were both defeated, and the Assassin left once more to find Maria.

Personality and characteristicsEdit

Shalim was a young nobleman who was identical in appearance and dress to his brother Shahar. However, he differed from his twin in regards to his behavior, as he was known for his rude, fierce and violent lifestyle, and for his appetite for women and wine. He also didn't seem to resemble his father in his beliefs either, as Moloch was known as a religious zealot.


  • Ironically, Shalim is an Arabic name derived from the word salima, سلم, meaning "to be safe".
  • In the ancient Canaanite religion, Shalim and Shahar are twin deities, the gods of dusk and dawn respectively.



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