ACO Shadya


Shadya (unknown – 48 BCE) was the young daughter of Hotephres, an informant of Apollodorus, and his wife Khenut. She lived in Euhemeria with her parents. 


In 48 BCE, Shadya had come into possession of a ledger which her father had stolen from Berenike, the Crocodile, exposing the latter's corrupt deeds. As a result, she and her mother were kidnapped by Berenike and her men, who brought them to the Euhemeria lighthouse. Shadya was executed by Berenike, who weighed down her feet with large rocks and submerged her in the waters near the pier, leaving Shadya to drown; Bayek later helped to recover her body.[1]

Shadya's death greatly devastated her parents, so much so that Hotephres vowed to do anything he could to get revenge, directing the Medjay to the Gladiator Arena in Krokodilopolis to begin his hunt. After fighting his way to the champions of the arena, Bayek eventually discovered the identity of Berenike as the Crocodile and assassinated her in the Kerkesoucha Granary.[2]

Personality and traits

A gentle and innocent soul, Shadya held an intense love for feeding the riverside birds at night, which was something she did with her parents often. Following Shadya's death, her mother, Khenut, wished for her daughter's spirit to swim forever in the Nile as "her little tadpole".