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"Be my eyes, Senu!"

Senu is a Bonelli's eagle[1] and a companion of the Egyptian Assassin Bayek.

She shared a symbiotic relationship with Bayek, who, with the ability of Eagle Vision, could view the world from Senu's perspective. As a result, she was a powerful medium of reconnaissance for Bayek in his missions.[2]



  • Senu's name may be derived from the Bennu bird, for the following reasons:
    • The Bennu bird was said to be a self-created being that played a role in the creation of the world; Senu is Bayek's pet eagle, and played a role in "pioneering" the Eagle Vision ability of the Assassin Brotherhood.
    • The Bennu bird was said to be the ba of Ra, and enabled the creative actions of Atum; Senu (in fitting with the Ancient Egyptian concept of the soul) was an "aspect" of Bayek that would continue living on after his body died, and by being a medium of reconnaissance for Bayek, she enabled him to plan his assassinations and goals easier.