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"Be my eyes, Senu!"
―Bayek, calling out to Senu.[src]

Senu was a female Bonelli's eagle[1] and a loyal companion of Bayek, former Medjay and a founder of the Hidden Ones.

She shared a symbiotic relationship with her master, who, with the ability of Eagle Vision, could view the world from her perspective. As a result, she was a powerful medium of (visual and verbal) reconnaissance for Bayek in his missions.[2]

Additionally, when her master was out in the field, she would always be loyally following him from high up in the air, and would assist him in one of two ways:

  • If he was hunting, she would swoop down and (in one strike) randomly kill one nearby animal.
  • If he was infiltrating enemy strongholds, she would (either on his command [when scouting the area], or by her own choice [in the heat of combat]) swoop down and harass an enemy to distract them while Bayek dealt the killing blow.


  • Senu's name may be derived from the Bennu bird, for the following reasons:
    • The Bennu bird was said to be a self-created being that played a role in the creation of the world; Senu is Bayek's pet eagle, and played a role in "pioneering" the Eagle Vision ability of the Assassin Brotherhood.
    • The Bennu bird was said to be the ba of Ra, and enabled the creative actions of Atum; Senu (in fitting with the Ancient Egyptian concept of the soul) was an "aspect" of Bayek that would continue living on after his body died, and by being a medium of reconnaissance for Bayek, she enabled him to plan his assassinations and goals easier.
  • Alternatively, Senu can possibly be translated as "Sister".
  • After completing all the tours of the Discovery Tour, an exclusive skin, "White Senu", is made available. It seems to be based off hierofalcons, a group of birds commonly used for falconry in the Middle East and North Africa.
  • Senu was conceived early in the development of Origins. Early in development, the developers pitched the idea of actually controlling an eagle, given that the eagle is a common motif in the Assassin's Creed series.[3]
  • If Bayek remains idle for a certain period of time, Senu will swoop down and perch on his arm while Bayek shows her affection by petting her or feeding her a snack from his pouch.