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Sefetu sitting on his throne

(unknown – 48 BCE), also known as the Firebrand, was the governor of Sais who allied himself with Taharqa, a member of the Order of the Ancients, and ruled Sais with an iron fist.


In the mid 1st century BCE, Sefetu served as the governor of Sais, operating from Fort Nikiou. During his tenure, the townsfolk were heavily taxed by Sefetu for their goods.[1] Failing to pay would result in harsh punshiments, leading many townsfolk to leave the town in secret, which they do so with the help of the town's brewer Harkhuf, and the smuggler Jeska.[2] In addition, Zervos, the harbormaster, helped many of the townsfolk to hide their goods in his warehouse to prevent taxation. However, Sefetu eventually discovered his operations and sent his men after the merchant, declaring him wanted.[3]

In 48 BCE, Sefetu discovered Jeska's smuggling of the townsfolk of Sais, resulting in her capture. Jeska was brought to Fort Nikou, where she was tortured by Sefetu with a firebrand, thus gaining him the nickname Firebrand. Despite Sefetu's efforts, Jeska was able to escape the fort and resumed her activities shortly thereafter.[2] As retaliation, Sefetu had Harkhuf captured and brought to the fort as well, where he would await punishment.[4]

Eventually, Sefetu's tenure was ended by the Medjay, Bayek who infiltrated the fort and assassinated him while freeing Harkhuf from his cage.[4]



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