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A Seeker

Seekers were guards who, as their name suggested, would thoroughly search hiding places such as wells and haystacks.

Seekers were more heavily armored than regular guards guard, though less so than Brutes, and they always carried long weapons such as spears and halberds. They often traveled with other lower ranked soldiers, usually as a pair, or in groups of four.


Regular attacksEdit

AC2 Seeker Combat

Ezio fighting a Seeker in Venice

A Seeker's regular attacks could be deflected using any weapon, however, they could not be countered with a medium weapon or a short blade. Instead, they could only be countered lethally with a heavy weapon, another long weapon such as those carried by themselves, or a Hidden Blade. The timing for the latter was rather difficult though, due to the much smaller window of opportunity for the counter.

Their attacks could also be evaded, or the Seeker could be disarmed, which would in turn allow for a lethal counter-attack using their own weapon.

Special attacksEdit

For a Seeker's armed special attack, the Sweep, it would knock a target to the ground by tripping their feet out from underneath them. While this did no damage, it opened up the target to subsequent attacks as they lay on the ground. The Sweep could not be countered, requiring it to be either interrupted or dodged. When Seekers prepared to perform a Sweep, they would raise their weapon above their heads at approximately a 45 degree angle.

Ezio Auditore da Firenze could also perform the Sweep attack, after he learned it from the fighting instructor at Monteriggioni. Using the maneuver, he was capable of tripping up multiple guards in one swing. In Rome, Ezio could use the sweep technique to slit the throats of nearby guards instead of sweeping them off their feet.

Accompanying this, Seekers could also throw sand at their enemies, blinding them momentarily and opening them up for an attack. Similarly to the Sweep technique, the sand could be evaded but not countered.


Name Damage Speed Deflect
Spear 3 5 3
Halberd 4 3 4


Special seekers


  • Seekers were much more common in Brotherhood than in Assassin's Creed II, with many of them leading patrol groups.
  • In the mission "Infrequent Flier", during the cutscene where Ezio abandoned the burning Flying Machine, a Seeker and a Brute could be seen on the roof of the Palazzo Ducale. Strangely, these were the only two guards archetypes that could not free-run or climb.
  • In Florence, the Seekers present in the city had the appearance of Venetian Seekers.
  • In the E3 Trailer for Brotherhood, two Seekers could be seen wielding swords.


  • When disarmed, a Seeker had roughly the same mobility as an Agile guard.
  • When attempting to escape from a battle, Seekers would not be the only guards to search nearby hiding spots; all guards would search for Ezio until he had become anonymous once more.
  • In Assassin's Creed II, if engaged in a fight with several other guards and a disarmed Seeker, the Seeker would rarely attempt to grab Ezio from behind and hold him for the others to attack. In Brotherhood, this could be performed by any guard.
  • In Assassin's Creed II, if Ezio dodged a Seeker's Sweep attack, he would use his bracer to break the spear, forcing the Seeker to use one of the improvised weapons.
  • In Brotherhood, Seekers could not be counter-killed with a heavy weapon, unless during a kill streak.
  • The length of a Seekers spear or halberd potentially makes them the most dangerous enemy because of their reach.



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