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Secrets of the First Pyramids was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


Bayek meets a scholar in relentless pursuit of a long lost vault hidden somewhere among the first pyramids.


While travelling along the desert in Saqqara, Bayek found a scholar being pursued by bandits.

  • Bandit: Do not let him escape!

Bayek attacked the bandits and eliminated them. He approached the scholar.

  • Merkes: Oh, well, look at that! Good, good. That was a bit too close, hmm? That was extraordinary! Well done. Who sent you? Was it Kition or Heraclides? They thought I couldn't handle myself out here, but we've shown them, haven't we?
  • Bayek: Have we? What are you doing out here?
  • Merkes: Are you joking, neb? We are searching for the lost vault of the great Sneferu, the founder of the golden age of the Old Kingdom!
  • Bayek: And how are we doing that?
  • Merkes: Didn't they tell you anything before they sent you after me?
  • Bayek: Remind me.
  • Merkes: Acording to my research, Sneferu hid three artifacts in his pyramids. One in the Meidum, his first, and failed, pyramid. Another in the Bent, whose design he obviously modified after the Meidum's collapse. And one in his final masterpiece and tomb, the Shining Pyramid. I have one artifact, but those bandits stole another from me. You'll need to get it back for us!
  • Bayek: Where was this?
  • Merkes: They camp in the cliffs to the west of Memphis. You can find them by following the stream. Also, you'll need to find a way into the Shining Pyramid, to get the last artifact. I think there's an opening high up, but it's quite the climb. In my youth I could have done it, but...
  • Bayek: I will take a look. How many bandits were there?
  • Merkes: All of them, I think.

Bayek traveled to the bandit hideout west of Memphis to locate the first artifact. He eliminated the bandits inside the hideout and retrieved the artifact, which was a scaled replica of the Meidum Pyramid.

  • Meidum Pyramid Artifact: A scaled replica of the Meidum Pyramid. This is one of the artifacts. Merkes believes this will help reveal the location of Sneferu's vault.
  • Bayek: This must be the artefact the bandits stole from Merkes. Strange thing.

Bayek left the hideout and journeyed to the Shining Pyramid. With Senu's help, he located the opening high up in the pyramid. Bayek entered and explored the tomb. He found a room containing various treasures and an ancient tablet. Inside one of the chests, he discovered the last artifact, a scaled replica of the Shining Pyramid.

  • Shining Pyramid ArtifactA scaled replica of the Shining Pyramid. This is one of the artifacts Merkes believes will help reveal the location of Sneferu's vault.
  • Bayek: Hmm. This plain-looking artefact must have some hidden value if it was stored among such treasures. Time to find Merkes, and see what these three artifacts add up to.

Bayek exited the pyramid through an opening and returned to Merkes.

  • Bayek: I have retrieved the other two artifacts.
  • Merkes: Ah hah! This confirms my theory! By Ra! That's it! The artifacts form a diagram, but a part is missing. There's no way to connect them. But there's a passge in the Aegyptiaca that says, "The path is clear atop the Shining tip." And the inscriptions on this artifact must mean the pyramidion on top of Sneferu's tomb, the Shining Pyramid. I'm sure the key to the mystery is up there. Why don't you just run up and take a look?
  • Bayek: What are we looking for, at the end of this?
  • Merke: The priceless treasures of Sneferu have been lost to the ages. We will be heroes when we recover them and bring them out into the light of day.
  • Bayek: I'm no grave robber.
  • Merke: No, no, no, of course not. I promise you this will not disturb anyone's rest in the Field of Reeds.
  • Bayek: Hmm, I will climb up and see what I can find.

Bayek received the Bent Pyramid artifact from Merke.

  • Bent Pyramid ArtifactA scaled replica of the BentPyramid. This is one of the artifacts Merkes believes will help reveal the location of Sneferu's vault.

Bayek climbed up the Shining Pyramid and discovered strange slots at the tip of the structure.

  • Bayek: The top of the Tomb of Sneferu. There are strange slots here. Hmm. Maybe if I...

Bayek inserted the three artifacts into the respective slots.

  • Bayek: These three artifacts fit perfectly into the slots of the capstone. It's a diagram... From here at the Shining Pyramid, it seems to indicate those ruins out east, That's where we will find the vault.

Bayek climbed down the pyramid to speak to Merkes.

  • Merkes: And? What did you see? Don't keep me in suspense. Did you find anything?
  • Bayek: Quite the view. The markers fit into place upon the capstone, and create a complete diagram.
  • Merkes: You are remarkable! And, does it explain the riddle in the histories? About where to find the vault?
  • Bayek: Mm-hmm. I suspect it meant something to the east of us. I could make out what looks like a ruined temple, now.
  • Merkes: Follow me! I'll get us there!
  • Bayek: Do not rush into trouble again.
  • Merkes: With you at my side? Never!

Bayek and Merkes climbed onto camels and rode to their destination.

  • Bayek: How did you cross paths with the bandits, earlier?
  • Merkes: Hmmm? Oh, I enlisted their help to find the missing artifacts.
  • Bayek: What? You mean you hired them?
  • Merkes: Well, their leader, Bellosh, claimed he knew the desert better than anyone. I didn't think they would turn on me. I didn't know they were those kinds of bandits.
  • Bayek: There are no other kinds of bandits. They all pillage and kill for coin.
  • Merkes: Yes, they seemed rather intent on both, having stolen one artifact from me and then trying to kill me for the other.
  • Bayek: You are a hazard to yourself.
  • Merkes: I've been told that before.

They arrived at the ruins.

  • Merkes: Here we are! The entrance will be hidden, of course.

Bayek discovered a soft ground.

  • Bayek: The ground seems soft here. Let's see what is beneath the sand.

Bayek cleared away the sand and discovered a hidden vault.

  • Merkes: One last deadly obstacle.

Bayek destroyed the obstacle and jumped into the vault, followed by Merkes. They journeyed their way inwards.

  • Merkes: I told you there was nothing to worry about. Come along. This way, Uh, you first. We are the first to set foot here in more than two thousand years! The treasures that must be here...

Bayek encountered and eliminated several snakes.

  • Merkes: I hope we aren't angering Wadjet. Nothing to worry about. You did exactly as I would have told you, if you hadn't acted so quickly.

Bayek and Merkes reached the vault and discovered a pile of scrolls and a pyramidion.

  • Merkes: Oh, oh my! By Ra... all that is divine beauty. Do your eyes see what mine see?
  • Bayek: This room has been perfectly preserved.
  • Merkes: Untouched since Sneferu's reign!

Bayek observed the pyramidion.

  • Bayek: A perfectly preserved pyramidion. A relic of the gods, and the origin of all good things. The first rays of Ra would fall upon it, and light the way for the Bennu bird, who flew over the waters of Nun.
  • Bayek: Is this it? it is mostly filled with old scrools... not much gold.
  • Merkes: Such treasure! Look at all this history! Kition and Heraclides will be in awe. I'll be famous. We'll be famous.
  • Bayek: Glad I could help.
  • Merkes: Once I've catalogued what we've discovered, I'll cart it back to the Library of Alexandria so it can be studied and preserved for the ages.


Bayek helped the scholar Merkes to solve the mystery of Sneferu's pyramids.


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