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This article is about the Metropolitan Police headquarters. You may be looking for the Metropolitan Police Service itself, sometimes known simply as "Scotland Yard".
ACS DB Scotland Yard

Scotland Yard

Scotland Yard was the headquarters of the Metropolitan Police Service, located in the Strand, London.


Prior to the construction of Scotland Yard, the land was owned by King Kenneth III of Scotland. It had been given to him by King Edgar the Peaceful of England in the tenth century and for nearly 600 years served as the residence for the Scottish monarchy whenever they visited England.

When Scotland unified with England in 1707, the palace was demolished, with a series of government buildings and residences built in its place. Following the creation of the Metropolitan Police Service by Prime Minister Robert Peel in 1829, the area was selected as the organization's headquarters. The office's rear entrance stood on Great Scotland Yard, leading the police force to become known around the world as "Scotland Yard".


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