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Saturn[1] was an Isu active during Human-Isu War and the father of Juno.


At some point, Minerva, Juno and Saturn were discussing the growing threat posed by the slave race the Isu created to serve them. Juno despised the humans and called for their extermination, mocking how they tried to emulate their masters. Minerva argued back, saying that humanity was becoming more that they were ever intended to be, even creating songs and arts, and that perhaps one day they could be treated as equals. As Saturn agreed with Minerva, he was suddenly stabbed through the head by one of his human servants.[2]

Filled with rage over her father's demise, Juno used the Koh-i-Noor to slaughter a man about to struck her with her father's scythe and all the revolted humans around them with tendrils of blue energy. Mad with grief, she stated that humans would destroy everything, the Isu and each others, and then swore to deal with humanity by saving them from themselves.[2]


  • Like his mythological counterpart, Saturn wielded a scythe. Brandished by a human after Saturn's death, the Isu weapon was shown to display some energetic power.
  • In Greek mythology, Saturn's counterpart was named Cronus, the father of the first six of the twelve Olympians. He swallowed five of them whole to prevent a prophecy that foretold that one of his children would overthrow him. Only Zeus was spared this fate and when he grew up, he freed his siblings from Cronus' stomach. They helped him to overthrow Cronus and become the new rulers of the world.