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Sadad was a Templar sergeant that served during the Third Crusade.


In 1190, when the Crusaders discovered that the Chalice, thought to have been an artifact capable of uniting all factions of the war, was in fact a woman by the name of Adha, they moved to capture her in Jerusalem. Sadad was one of the three Templars that were sent to personally apprehend her at Don Carvaggio's villa, the other two being captains that outranked him. Although they did not know that the Assassin Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad, keen on rescuing Adha, was stalking them from the rooftops, the anxious group marched away at a hurried pace nonetheless. To Sadad's ire, after passing through two checkpoints, Adha pleaded for a break out of exhaustion, one that he denied, aware that they must reach the city gates as soon as possible. When they reached a plaza filled with nothing but ruined columns, the sound of an explosion set off by Altaïr warned the group of impending danger. Suspecting that an Assassin was near at hand, the Templars broke into a mad sprint, herding Adha on as they went.

Arriving at the walls of a sewage facility reinforced by elite Templars, Sadad frantically yelled for the gate to be opened. Here, Adha screamed for help, infuriating Sadad, who threatened to have her killed if she dared utter another sound. One of his superiors reproached him for this, as her death was out of the question given her significance. When the gate at last opened, his two companions ordered Sadad to stay behind to guard it from intruders, and his position in the squad was replaced with Qasim. Sadad's post was meaningless; the moment that his comrades marched into the complex with Adha in tow, Altaïr entered from the other side of a sewage canal, having scaled the wall. Sadad did not join them in the immediate battle against the elite Assassin and was therefore spared from death when the Assassin slew every knight that opposed him, including the two captains that helped capture Adha.