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Sabu (died c. 56 BCE) was a Medjay protector of Siwa. Born during the reign of Ptolemy XII Auletes, he was secretly one of the last in the bloodline of the Medjay, elite warriors who sworn to protect Egypt and its traditions. With his wife, Ahmose, he was the father of the Hidden One Bayek.


Sometime before 85 BCE, Sabu met and married Ahmose, would go on to give birth to their son, Bayek. The made their home in Siwa.

When Bayek was still a boy, their home was attacked by a group of bandits, led by the grave robber Menna. Sabu and Ahmose fought them off, Sabu killing most of them. Menna, however escaped.[1]

One day, a messenger arrives to relay a message to Sabu, someone is hunting the Medjay to extinction. Sabu then briefly spoke with Rabiah – a family friend, and counsel. Sabu then elected to leave Siwa without giving a reason other than it being safer for Siwa that he leave. Unbeknownst to Sabu, his son Bayek eventually left Siwa in search of him.[1]

Sabu met with Hemon, the Elder of the Medjay, in Djerty. He informed the elder that Emsaf, a fellow medjay had been killed. Sabu then left in search of the killer. Sabu later catches up his son, along with Aya, Kensa, and Tuta on the island of Elephantine after their group had followed a false lead about Sabu's whereabouts.[1]

During the following several years Sabu trained his son as a Medjay, who in turn passed his teaching onto Aya. They spend years training on the run across many villages.


Sabu was killed in around 56 BCE by Bion the ex-soldier intent on eradicating the Medjay bloodline. Aya, deciding to travel back to Siwa, was set upon by horse thieves at a watering hole. She held her own but was saved by Bion. Unknowingly, Aya led Bion right to their training camp. Bion arrived at the camp where Bayek and Sabu were training. He let loose multiple arrows that hit Sabu, with Bayek’s stomach being sliced by Bion's blade shortly after. Sabu managed to push Bayek to safety into a nearby river before meeting his fate. With his death, Bayek became the last living Medjay.[1]