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"You walk your streets like animals! Like cattle with no sense of decorum! Idiots! You're all idiots! How you English believe you can subdue the world is beyond me!"
―Ruggiero Ferraro to his British escorts, 1721.[src]

Ruggiero Ferraro (unknown – May 1721) was an Italian diplomat from the city of Florence.

In 1721, he visited Kingston to attend a banquet organized by the former governor Woodes Rogers before his return to England. However, Ruggiero was killed by the pirate Edward Kenway, who assumed his identity in order to infiltrate the party in an attempt to assassinate Rogers.


  • Ferraro was voiced by Roger Craig Smith, the actor who also voiced Ezio Auditore da Firenze. The character's first name is the Italian equivalent of "Roger", while his surname can be translated as "blacksmith". Additionally, both Ezio and Ruggiero were natives of Florence.



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