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Royal Misfortune was a virtual representation of one of Edward Kenway's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Animus.


Trying to make amends for his past mistakes, Edward set out to kill Bartholomew Roberts and recover the artifact taken from the Observatory.


Edward sailed to Principe, where they came across the wreckage of a ship.

  • Anne: Captain! Here's one still kicking!
  • Edward: Who did this?
  • Sailor: It were a large vessel. The Royal Fortune.
  • Edward: Roberts.
  • Sailor: Offered no quarter. Didn't say nothing.

Edward went ashore to find his target.

  • Roberts: Why, who chases me now, eh? Is it a specter come to spook me? Or the gaunt remains of a man I sent to hell!

Roberts spotted Edward and boarded his ship to flee. Edward then boarded the Jackdaw and pursued Roberts.

  • Anne: Come on now!
    Captain's aboard! Man all canvas! Let's move!

The Royal Fortune destroyed the cliffs behind it.

  • Anne: The way is blocked, captain! We'll have to find another path!
    Steer clear of that, captain!
    Edward! There's crosstrees on the horizon!
  • Crew: Flying British colours!
  • Anne: There's Spanish ships there, captain! This'll be a mess if we don't hurry.
    We're in a maelstrom, captain!
  • Edward: Beats working behind a bar, don't it?

The Royal Fortune was crippled.

  • Anne: Shall we sink his ship, captain? We've a better than even chance!
  • Edward: No. There's a device with him that needs taking. I'll have to board her myself.
  • Roberts: Man the guns! There's more fodder for ya coming!

Edward and his crew boarded the Royal Fortune.

  • Roberts: By jove, Edward Kenway! How can I not be impressed by the attention you've paid me! May the best of we two sing praises of the second!

Edward assassinated Roberts.

Royal Misfortune 6

Roberts' final moments

  • Roberts: A merry life and a short one, as promised. How well I know myself. And what of you, Edward? Have you found the peace you seek?
  • Edward: I'm not aiming so high as that. For what's peace but a confusion between two wars?
  • Roberts: You're a stoic then! Perhaps I was wrong about you. She might have had some use for you after all.
  • Edward: She? Of whom do you speak?
  • Roberts: Oh... she who lies in wait. Entombed. I had hoped to find her, to see her again. To open the door of the temple and hear her speak my name once more. Aita...
  • Edward: Talk sense, man.
  • Roberts: I was born too soon, like so many others before.
  • Edward: Where's the device, Roberts?

Roberts gave up the Crystal Skull to Edward.

  • Roberts: Destroy this body, Edward. The Templars... if they take me...


Edward managed to assassinate the Sage Bartholomew Roberts and he recovered the Crystal Skull.



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