The Royal African Pearl was a slave ship owned and operated by the Royal African Company, during the early 18th century. In 1718, pirates Edward Kenway and Charles Vane attacked the Pearl with the intent to gain information on the whereabouts of the Sage Bartholomew Roberts, who was reportedly located on another Company ship called the Princess.

Though the Pearl deployed fire barrels against her attackers and even managed to cripple Vane's Ranger with a single broadside, she was eventually disabled by the naval ram on Kenway's Jackdaw and subsequently boarded. Kenway learned from the ship's captain that the Princess sailed out of Kingston, but was caught up in a mutiny by Vane's crew before he could act on the information.


  • The ship's crew, although British, were dressed in Spanish uniforms. The ship herself was painted in the colours of the Spanish Navy and flew the Spanish flag as well. Though it is possible that it was to be concealed from the Spanish in order to protect it slaves and cargo.