Rotten Barracks was a virtual representation of one of Aveline de Grandpré's genetic memories.


Upon losing the recruiter in a chase, Aveline aimed to infiltrate the barracks that the man had escaped to.


Aveline successfully sneaked into the barracks, killed the recruiter and took a letter from his body, before she escaped the military camp's premises. In the safety of her home, Aveline read the document.

  • Letter: Señor, perhaps you underestimate the vast, winding, expanse of the bayou. I will repeat: I need enough men to control all of it. Recruit the entire Spanish Army if you must. Yours in absolute discretion, Vázquez.
  • Aveline: Vázquez! De Ferrer mentioned him, in Chichen Itza... Is he the Company Man? I must warn Agaté and the Smugglers!


Aveline learned the identity of the recruiter's employer, before she set off to inform her Mentor and smuggler allies.