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ACS Bartletts

Rose and Argus Bartlett

Rose Bartlett (unknown – 1868) was a Templar, operating in London during the nineteenth century. Alongside Argus Bartlett, she owned the Bed and Bottle, a pub and resthouse in the Strand.

They would often advertise their business in public in an attempt to coax customers to their business. Unbeknownst to most, the Bed and Bottle was a front used by the Templars to eliminate whomever they pleased. Several missing persons cases could be traced back to the Bartletts.

In 1868, Jacob and Evie Frye followed a lead regarding the Bartletts from Henry Green. They located the Templars in the Strand and assassinated them both, putting an end to the Bed and Bottle and the Templar activities ocuring there.