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Biographical information

Venice, Republic of Venice

Political information

Thieves (c. 1475 - c. 1504)
Courtesans (c. 1504 - ?)
Assassins (c. 1504 - ?)

Real-world information
Appears in

Assassin's Creed II
Brotherhood novel
Revelations novel

Voice actor

Lita Tresierra

Rosa (1460 – unknown) was a member of the Venetian Thieves Guild led by Antonio de Magianis, and later the Madame of the Rosa in Fiore and a member of the Assassin Order.


Early lifeEdit

Around the year 1460, a Venetian nobleman paid a prostitute for her services, and Rosa was conceived as a result. Since the woman could not raise her child, Rosa was left to survive in the streets of Venice on her own.

At the age of fifteen, Rosa attempted to steal from Antonio de Magianis, a stranger to her at the time, though she was ultimately caught. As the leader of the Venetian Thieves Guild, Antonio decided to raise Rosa as his pupil, rather than turn her over to the guards.

Throughout her apprenticeship, Antonio noted many of Rosa's talents, especially her high level of agility. He also seemed to maintain a very parental relationship with Rosa, and would often call her "piccola" ("sweetheart" or "little darling").[1]

Assisting Ezio AuditoreEdit

"When it comes time to storm the place, remember what I've taught you."
―Rosa to Ezio, just before the assault on the Palazzo della Seta.[src]

In 1480, Rosa and several of her fellow thieves staged an attack on the Palazzo della Seta, from where the corrupt Emilio Barbarigo ruled over Venice's merchants. While her allies distracted the guards, Rosa began to scale the building, but she was hit in the leg by an arrow from archers patrolling the Palazzo.

Too injured to run, she demanded help from a nearby Ezio Auditore da Firenze, whom she had pickpocketed earlier that day. Despite this, Ezio consented, and protected her as they hurried towards the canals.

Along the way, Rosa proudly held her own, but eventually collapsed and was unable to walk any further. Ezio carried her until they met with Rosa's fellow thief Ugo, who placed her in a nearby gondola. Ugo managed to ferry Rosa to the guild, while Ezio took out the archers pursuing them.

That's Gonna Leave a Mark 5

Ezio carrying Rosa to safety

Once they had reached the guild, Rosa shouted insults at Ugo for causing her pain, which led to Ezio carrying her once more. After this, the two reached Antonio, who pulled the arrow out of Rosa's thigh, much to her discomfort. She was then taken by her fellow thieves to a doctor to patch up her injury.

As she recovered from her wounds, Rosa taught Ezio how to grab higher ledges while scaling buildings, in gratitude for his help. After Ezio's first successful climb-leap attempt, Rosa challenged him to race up the Basilica di Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari within a set time, which he did successfully.

Years later, in 1485, Rosa aided Ezio and the other thieves in a second assault on the Palazzo della Seta. Ezio killed the archers guarding the palazzo, allowing Rosa and other members of the Thieves Guild to disguise themselves and take their place. After Ezio successfully assassinated Emilio Barbarigo, Rosa and the other thieves shot down the rest of the guards, then she and Ezio opened the palazzo's gates for Antonio.

He who waits 1

Rosa teasingly giving Ezio his birthday gift

In 1488, on Ezio's birthday, Rosa gifted him with a shipping manifest from the Arsenale di Venezia, which detailed the arrival of a Templar boat the following day.[1]

Leading the Roman courtesansEdit

In 1504, Claudia Auditore da Firenze, the Madame of the Rosa in Fiore in Rome, stepped down from her role after being assaulted by Borgia fanatics. Soon after, Antonio was contacted by his fellow thief and Assassin La Volpe, who asked him if Rosa would like to replace Claudia as the brothel's Madame. Rosa agreed and moved to Rome.[2]

By 1512, Rosa rose to the position of leader of the Italian Assassins.[3]

Personality and characteristicsEdit

"Ti venisse il cancro, brutto bastardo! ...a te e quella grandissima troia di tua madre! (I hope you catch plague, you bastard! and your whore mother!)"
―Rosa to Antonio after he treats her injury.[src]

Rosa, as the only female of the Venetian Thieves Guild, had a very aggressive and tough personality to match the male-dominated group. Antonio once noted that, in the past, a group of thieves had tried to kiss Rosa and were badly beaten by her afterwards.

Rosa was not afraid to give orders or speak her mind to her fellow thieves, and would often yell or insult them to their faces. Ugo, for example, received only reprimands from her despite assisting in her rescue.

Rosa also cursed frequently, particularly after being injured. Even after Antonio had treated her wound, she swore at him profusely, calling him "bastardo" and "porca puttana", as well as insulting his mother.[1]

Romantic lifeEdit


Rosa and Ezio flirting

After being rescued, Rosa's attitude towards Ezio changed drastically. She became flirtatious and more intimate; on one occasion, she became excited when Ezio stated that he needed her, only to be disappointed when he clarified that he wanted to learn her climbing technique. She also seemed to revert to her true self when around him, instead of the "tough thief" image she maintained most of the time.[1]

Over the years, Ezio maintained a close, intimate friendship with Rosa, and the two were often seen flirting whenever in each other's company.[1] This could be seen in one such occasion, when Rosa woke Ezio in his sleeping quarters and challenged him to a race, before kissing him passionately upon the Venice rooftops.[4]


  • Rosa fought with a Sultan's Knife.
  • In Eagle Vision, Rosa would turn red for a split-second after Ezio had assassinated Emilio Barbarigo.
  • It was possible to assassinate Rosa in one instance. After the mission "Everything Must Go," she could be seen walking past Ezio in the guard armor she wore during the memory. During this time, Ezio could assassinate her, though it would have no effect on the gameplay or storyline.
  • The arrow that hit Rosa's leg disappeared during gameplay, but it reappeared afterwards.
  • In Assassin's Creed: Renaissance, Rosa was said to be one of the best free-runners in her guild.
  • In Renaissance, Ezio and Rosa clearly had an intimate relationship, constantly flirting and kissing. Some passages also implied a sexual relationship.
  • Rosa's voice actress, Lita Tresierra, was involved in a car accident and died two days later, shortly before Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood began production.



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