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Marcus Junius Brutus

The Roman Assassins were the Brotherhood of Assassins who operated in the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire.


In 44 BCE, forty Senators, secretly Assassins, conspired against the Roman general and dictator Gaius Julius Caesar. They met in a secret cave underneath where the Santa Maria in Aracoeli would later stand and designed plans for the assassination, led by Marcus Junius Brutus and Gaius Cassius Longinus.[1]

Deeper inside the cave, Brutus discovered an ancient vault, where he received visions of Caesar's future assassination. This motivated Brutus more, and on 15 March 44 BCE, the Assassins stabbed Caesar to death.[1]

Later, Brutus was eventually defeated in battle at Philippi by Marcus Antonius, and committed suicide shortly thereafter. When the Roman Assassins found his body, they tried to revive him using the Shroud of Eden, however, he was only revived for a brief moment, before ultimately dying once more.[2]

On 24 January 41 CE, the Roman Assassin Leonius killed Roman Emperor Caligula with a dagger.[3]

Centuries after the Empire collapsed, the Roman Assassins reorganized themselves into the Italian Assassins.


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