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Riverboats on the Thames river

The River Thames is a river that flows through southern England.

As the primary waterway at the heart of London, it possessed great economic importance during the 19th century. However, the increasing industrialization led to the Thames' pollution.[1] As such, riverboats were in many ways preferable to swimming if one wished to get across.

The borough was overseen by the Templar Edith Swinebourne[2]; in order to take over the borough, Jacob and Evie Frye had to take down several Templars and Blighters. When they were dealt with, a Gang War would be arranged to take down the Templars' grip on the borough for good – during which Edith was killed.

Templar-overseer Templars Strongholds Blighters Factory
Edith Swinebourne Captain Hargrave II

The Jekyll-brothers

Tom Eccleston

None Emmet Sedgwick

Simon Chase

George Scrivens