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Return of the Crimson Rose
Technical information

The Count de Choisy is to be arrested and executed. The Crimson Rose cannot save him and asks you to do it in his stead. The Count is being held near the Church of Saint Gervais. Rescue him before he is marched to the gallows.


Assassin's Creed: Unity

Memory type

Paris story


The League of the Crimson Rose


Crimson Sunset

Historical information

Arno Dorian


Paris, French Republic

Return of the Crimson Rose was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


The Crimson Rose told Arno to rescue the Count de Choisy, another member of the Crimson League.


  • Crimson Rose: I need a bit of assistance. The Count de Choisy is to be arrested today. He is an honorable man, certainly not deserving of the guillotine. The Crimson League and I are busy elsewhere. Could you prevent his arrest? He lives on the rue des Barres, just south of Saint Gervais Church.

Arno reached de Choisy's house.

  • Arno: Too late. Damn. I'll see what I can find in there.

Arno found a partially burnt letter.

  • Letter: Some partially destroyed papers:
    "... upon reporting back to the Order, please inform the Grand Master of your intent..."

He then spoke to de Choisy's wife, who was hiding behind a locked door.

  • Wife: Who is that?! I won't come out! They've taken him! My husband. Carried him away, past the church. They spoke of the guillotine!

Arno made his way to where de Choisy was being held.

  • Guard 1: You're headed to the guillotine.
  • De Choisy: Damn. I'm of noble birth. I'm better than you!
    You won't kill me. My friend, the Crimson Rose, will save me.
  • Guard 2: Stay still!
  • De Choisy: I shall do as I please, peasant!
  • Guard 2: That's it! Not one more step!

Arno freed de Choisy.

  • De Choisy: About time someone freed me! Good God!

As de Choisy ran away, Arno escaped the area.


Arno rescued the Count de Choisy from execution.


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