Research and Development was a virtual representation of one of Jacob Frye's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Pearl Attaway tasked Jacob with stealing a set of internal combustion engines from the Millner Company.


Jacob entered Attaway's moving carriage.

  • Attaway: Mr. Frye! I told you to make an appointment.
  • Jacob: My schedule was open.
  • Attaway: You're fortunate I like you.

Attaway gave Jacob a document.

  • Jacob: "Internal combustion engines"?
  • Attaway: Eight small syllables that mean a great deal of money. The engines will be delivered to Millner by train. Secure them for me and he will be... devastated.
  • Jacob: I'll need a second train to pull this off... And I think I know just the man.

As Jacob was about to leave, Attaway stopped him.

  • Attaway: So we have a deal, Mr. Frye?
  • Jacob: "You're fortunate I like you", Ms. Attaway.

Jacob made his way to a police convoy escorting Ned Wynert.

  • Policeman: The Captain's been looking for you for some time, Wynert.
  • Ned: There are laws against arresting an innocent?
  • Policeman: Shut your trap!

Jacob hijacked the carriage Ned was in.

ACS Research and Development 3

Jacob rescuing Ned

  • Ned: What the hell's going on out there?
  • Jacob: A change of plans, that's what's going on!
  • Ned: Frye? God damn it! Where do you come off rescuing me?
  • Jacob: I believe it's pronounced "thank you", you ingrate!
  • Ned: I operate on a strict policy of keeping people indebted to me, not the other way around. I hate having to return favors!
  • Jacob: I could leave you here for the police to collect you.
  • Ned: No, it's too late now. Just get us out of here.

Jacob opened the doors to the carriage.

  • Ned: So, what do you want, Frye?
  • Jacob: What makes you so sure I want something? Perhaps I saved you out of the kindness of my own heart.

Ned laughed.

  • Jacob: Come on, let me tell you about the job.

Jacob, Ned and a group of Rooks stole another train and prepared to attack Millner's train.

  • Ned: Millner's pulling a lot of cargo there!
  • Jacob: Just be sure to make the transfer!
  • Ned: Give 'em hell!
    Hurry up, man!
    We don't have all day! Get cracking!
    Get a move on, Frye!

Jumping aboard Millner's train, Jacob searched the crates for the engines.

  • Jacob: Not this one!
    Not what I'm after!
    Here we go!

After finding the engines, Jacob detached the cargo wagon and defended Ned from the guards aboar Millner's train.

  • Ned: All right, boys and girls! You know what to do!
    What are you waiting for, friends? Get moving!

Jacob opened a crate holding an engine, which he and Ned inspected.

ACS Research and Development 4

Ned and Jacob opening the crate

  • Jacob: The internal combustion engine. The end of horse-drawn transport. It's like gazing into the future.
  • Ned: And what is the going rate for the future, do you think?

Jacob gave Ned the document he had received from Attaway.

  • Jacob: Oh, we're not selling them.
  • Ned: You're giving them to your contact?
  • Jacob: You'll be paid all the same.
  • Ned: Who is this Pearl, anyway? How long have you been working with her?
  • Jacob: She's a business partner. That's all you need to know.


After freeing Ned Wynert from the police, Jacob was able to steal Millner's internal combustion engines for Attaway.