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Red Fury
Technical information

Orelov must find the box inside Ipatiev House, while avoiding Templars in disguise.


Assassin's Creed Chronicles: Russia

Memory type


Full sync

  • Steal jewels from the Imperial Safes to fund your escape to America.

Dawn of the Tsars


Power from the Past

Historical information

Nikolai Orelov


Yekaterinburg, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union


17 July 1918

Red Fury was a virtual representation of one of Nikolai Orelov's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Helix Navigator.


Nikolai Orelov infiltrated Ipatiev house to locate the box he had been tasked to retrieve.


  • Officer: Torture them. Find out what they know... And then, kill them.
  • Orelov: Why would the Templars want to kill the Romanovs? Surely they won't murder the children. I can't concern myself with this. I have my own family to protect. I need to find that box... and then get Anna and Nadya far away from this madness.

Orelov started his infiltration.

  • Orelov: I should tread carefully. Templars are all over this place.

Having searched the first wing, Orelov continued.

  • Orelov: Nothing. Dammit, I can't let the Templars put their hands on it.

Orelov searched another wing.

  • Orelov: Still nothing. Where is that box? Maybe our intel is not so good.

Having searched the entire house, the Assassin overheard a conversation.

  • Guard 1: How's the interrogation going?
  • Guard 2: Not well. Sverdlov already had the Tsar and his wife killed. The kids are next, if they don't talk.
  • Guard 1: The Tsar is dead? I need to see that.
  • Orelov: They did it...they killed the least they don't have the box. Let's check this basement.

Nikolai infiltrated the basement.

  • Orelov: Where is that box?

Passing by a door, the Assassin overheard another conversation.

  • Guard 3: Kill them! Wait... one of them is missing. The youngest girl! She must have the box! Find her! Shoot on sight!
  • Orelov: Shooting children...if it wasn't for the mission...I would kill you all.

Orelov and the guards located Anastasia simultaneously.

  • Guard 4: Over there!
  • Guard 5: The girl, she's here!
  • Guard 5: There! Grab her!
  • Anastasia: No!

Orelov saved Anastasia.

  • Anastasia: Please, no!
  • Orelov: Easy. I won't harm you. I just need that box.

Nikolai's splinter of the Staff of Eden started glowing.

  • Anastasia: What... What is that, around your neck? What is it doing? Who... Who are you?
  • Orelov: Please, child, just give me the box.
  • Anastasia: No!
  • Guard 6: The girl! I can hear her! This way!
  • Orelov: I'm sorry, but I'm out of time!
  • Anastasia: No!


Orelov found Anastasia and the box. However, during the struggle, his piece of the Staff of Eden touched the box, triggering a reaction in Anastasia.



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