Recruiting Maroons was a virtual representation of one of Edward Kenway's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Animus.


Edward returned to Antó with the acquired information and agreed to help the Maroon Assassin with freeing the slaves.


  • Edward: I found your men.
  • Antó: And I found where his brothers are kept. Help me release them.
  • Edward: No, mate. I've settled my debt. Meddling with slaves is none of my affair. I doubt there's even a Templar behind it all.
  • Antó: All affairs of freedom are Assassins' affairs! What is your price?
  • Edward: What?
  • Antó: A man without principle must be moved by coin. How much do you need?
  • Edward: There is a key I'm looking for. Belongs to a set I've been stripping off Templars.
  • Antó: The Templar keys? I thought they'd been destroyed.
  • Edward: I'm not the only one who knows about them, then?
  • Antó: If we find it, it's yours.
  • Edward: You have a deal. Let's go get your friends.
Recruiting Maroons 2

Edward assassinating a guard holding the first slave

Edward and Antó set out to free the first slave.

  • Antó: The drunks and whores you call friends might help you now. Look for a hole in the fence. We'll catch them unawares.
  • Guard 1: What's this? Only survivor?
  • Guard 2: Only captive.
  • Guard 1: You didn't... lose... the battle then?
  • Guard 2: How can we win when the dogs hole up in the mountain? They just hide in caves and wait. See us coming every time.
  • Guard 1: I hope commander Abraham knows what he's doing.
  • Guard 2: I've no doubt he'll win in the end. I'll follow him to my death!

They killed the guards and freed the first slave.

  • Slave: Thank you.
  • Antó: Hurry! To my bureau.

The pair tracked down the group of guards escorting the second slave.

  • Guard 3: We had a hundred men, and they... we couldn't even see them to count them.
  • Guard 4: What kind of weapons they got in them there caves?
  • Guard 3: Knives and axes mostly. A little gunpowder, not much. Barely more than sticks and rocks.
  • Guard 4: And yet this is the only man you could capture.
  • Guard 3: The only one!
  • Guard 4: They must be backed by some strange African magic. Curses and voodoo.
  • Guard 3: It's just not Christian.

They freed the second slave.

  • Slave: At last.
  • Antó: Go to the bureau.

Edward and Antó reached the final slave.

  • Antó: You must exercise caution. The area will be well-guarded. You know how this works. Take your position.
    Over here! Hey! Ho there!

They freed the final slave.

Recruiting Maroons 5

Antó speaking with Edward

  • Slave: Thanks.
  • Antó: Meet me at the bureau.
  • Edward: Where to, next?
  • Antó: That's enough work for one night. Or do you grow fond of it?
  • Edward: That's it? No Templar? What about the key?
  • Antó: The Templar did not show himself. You will have your key next time.
  • Edward: No, Antó, there is no next time.
  • Antó: When you discover your conscience or admit how badly you want the key, there will be a next time.


Edward and Antó freed the slaves, but found no trace of the Templar that had been behind their capture.