Reconciliation was a virtual representation of one of Aveline de Grandpré's genetic memories.


Aveline returned from her confrontation with Agaté to meet with Madeleine de L'Isle in the Saint Louis Cathedral, where she was to be inducted into the Templar Order.


Aveline entered the cathedral, where she showed her stepmother Agaté's necklace, as proof of his death.

  • Aveline: I have done as you asked. He is dead.
  • Madeleine: And the disk?

Aveline handed over the Prophecy Disk.

  • Madeleine: Do you swear to uphold the principles of our Order and all that for which we stand?
  • Aveline: I do.
  • Madeleine: To never share our secrets nor divulge the true nature of our work?
  • Aveline: I do.
  • Madeleine: And to do so from now until death--whatever the cost?
  • Aveline: I do.
  • Madeleine: Then I welcome you into our arms, sister. Together we shall usher in the dawn of a New World. One in which our hands will ensure that all things find their proper place. My daughter, you are one of us now... May the father of understanding guide us.
  • Aveline: May the father of understanding guide us.

At this point, Abstergo Entertainment's Liberation product was meant to end, but after the credits had rolled, an Erudito hack was triggered. Aveline was then dropped into the framework of the Animus, where she killed the final Citizen E.


Following the assassination of the final Citizen E, the true ending was revealed.