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The Kanien'kehá:ka Assassin Ratonhnhaké:ton, also known as Connor, wore a set of robes which could be dyed at general stores in various color schemes.

Assassin robes


Ratonhnhaké:ton wearing his Assassin robes

Connor inherited his robes, at least in part, from his paternal grandfather, Edward Kenway.[1]

Connor's robes consisted of a dress uniform with the upper body featuring a hood with a beaked tip. The hood was connected to the robes, which featured blue lining along the torso.

The lower part of the robes were layered at the back. Around the waist was a thin red sash fastened with an Assassin insignia, as well as a belt holding two pistol holsters and a pouch. Footwear consisted of brown boots with leggings that extended past Connor's knees.[2]


The robes could be dyed at the general stores found in Boston, New York and the Frontier. While Connor could buy all the dyes at every general store, the price would change depending on whether he was in the city close to where the dyes were made.[2]

Special Robes



  • Ratonhnhaké:ton's robes always appeared in their default color during cutscenes, even if the outfit was sporting a colony's dye; the fact that the lower trim of the outfit would show its dyed color instead indicates that this is an unintentional programming error. In a Q&A session, Ubisoft stated that the problem was deep within the AnvilNext engine, and that rectifying it would be too difficult given the fact that the game had been finished. Non-default outfits would show properly during cutscenes however.