Ezio wearing the Raiden outfit

The Raiden Skin is one of the unlockable Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood outfits, and is a tribute to the Metal Gear series' Cyborg Ninja character Raiden. While the outfit alters Ezio Auditore da Firenze's body, his hair and facial features remain unchanged.

The outfit can be unlocked by finishing all the training sessions in the Animus Virtual Training Program with at least a Bronze Medal.


  • While wearing the Raiden skin, the Hidden Blades are invisible, but remain usable.
  • Since the Raiden skin has no visible sheath for Ezio's weapons, all of his equipment will appear to float in midair at roughly two inches from his body.
  • Just as in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, Raiden's SOCOM pistol can be seen in the hip-holster, despite the fact that it cannot be used.
  • The method of unlocking the skin is a reference to Raiden's personal history, as he excelled in virtual training missions.
  • The Raiden skin appears to have a more fluid movement style while climbing and a much blockier style while running.
  • Similarly to some other outfits, while wearing the Raiden skin, the dagger is sheathed in a different position, overlapping the sword. Also, when it is drawn, it will travel down the length of Ezio's leg, then appear in his hand. This will happen even if no sword is equipped.
  • The image of the outfit in the menu shows Ezio holding Raiden's High Frequency Blade and its sheath. Neither are present in the game itself, however.