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Race to the Cygnet was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's memories.


Ezio races Helene Dufranc to the Cygnet to prevent her assassination.


  • Helene: Ah, mon petit Assassin! Are you following me? Or am I following you? The heat seems to have affected my memory.
  • Raphael: And evaporated your manners. Who are you?
  • Ezio: Ignore her, Sanchez. She's harmless.
  • Helene: I wish I could stick around to suffer more insults, gentlemen, but I've got a date with a rather wealthy man named The Cygnet.
  • Helene: Well, not a date... more like an ambush. Au revoir!

Helene leaves.

  • Raphael: Follow her, Ezio. The Cygnet is a Templar financier. It would be helpful to know his face.
  • Raphael: But do not let him come to any harm. The last thing we need is to alert this agent to our presence.

Ezio beats Helene to the Cygnet, causing the Cygnet to leave unharmed.

  • Helene: You're spoiling all my fun, stranger.
  • Ezio: By the look of it, you were trained by the Assassins like me. Is that right?
  • Helene: Yes, well... It's a pity to let so much talent go to waste.
  • Ezio: Attacking that man would have cast suspicion on us, M'lady. Live how you like, but do not agitate the Templars at the expense of our safety. This war is no joke.
  • Helene: You don't think so?
  • Ezio: I wish I could convince you otherwise; your skills are impressive.
  • Helene: ...And open to the highest bidder. Perhaps the Templars will come to their senses before you do.


Ezio thwarted Helene's attack on the Cygnet.