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"Such is our role, Nerkaa. The few of us must stand against very many."
―Qulan Gal to Nergüi, regarding the Mongolian Assassins.[src]

Qulan Gal was a member of the Mongolian Brotherhood of Assassins. He was one of the Order's most renowned members, due to his vital role in the assassination of Genghis Khan alongside Darim, Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad's son.


Early life

Qulan Gal was a member of the Assassin Order, operating mainly in Mongolia. He was a renowned toxophilite, with his skill in archery later being hailed by the Order.[1]

During the early 13th century, the conqueror Genghis Khan caused turmoil in Mongolia, quickly overtaking land with a Sword of Eden. As a result of Genghis Khan's tyranny, Qulan Gal swore to stand against him, and was later integral in Genghis's assassination.[1]

Assassination of Genghis Khan

At some point during 1217 and 1227, Qulan Gal came into contact with the Mentor of the Levantine Assassins, Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad, his wife Maria and his son Darim.[2]

In 1227, the four of them devised a plan to assassinate Genghis Khan in his camp in Xingging in Xia Province. While Qulan Gal and Altaïr went into the camp together, Darim and Maria covered them from a distance, respectively with his crossbow and her bow.[2] However, Altaïr unknowingly allowed himself to be seen and was attacked by a Mongol soldier, though Qulan killed the Mongol before he could raise the alarm. From there, Qulan safely escorted the injured Altaïr out of the camp, also rescuing a young novice who was captured while scouting the area, Nergüi. Joining Darim and Maria on the nearby hill, the five Assassins proceeded to compose another plan.[3]

Team mongolian

The Assassins then devised to flush Khan out of his tent by setting the mongol camp ablaze with flaming arrows, and the latter did so after realizing the danger. Pursuing the Khan with Darim, Qulan Gal acted quickly, killing several guards and shooting the Khan's horse, causing him to fall off, which injured him on impact with the ground. Afterwards, Darim shot the conqueror with his crossbow, finishing the Khan off.[2]

Later, while the two mongols were parting ways with the Ibn-La'Ahads, Altair suggested that Qulan Gal took an apprentice and Qulan decided to take the young Nergüi under his wing.[3]

Teaming up with Nergüi

Several years later, Genghis had been succeeded by his third son Ögedei. During this time, Qulan told Nergüi that he was soon ready to be formally inducted into the Brotherhood. Before this could happen however, Qulan instructed Nergüi to travel to Samarkand. Ögedei had sent an entire tumen to reinforce the city, and Nergüi was to assassinate their captain without being detected by the large force.[4]

After discreetly killing the captain, Nergüi returned to Qulan and informed him of his success. They then met with the Mentor of the Mongolian Assassins, who inducted Nergüi into the Brotherhood and gave him his own Hidden Blade.[4]

In 1241, Qulan told Nergüi of Batu Khan, the founder of the Golden Horde who was tearing through Russia. In order to slow his advance, Nergüi was tasked with assassinating Ögedei Khan, while Qulan assassinated the Khan's brother, Chagatai. With no ready successor to the throne, Batu would be forced to return to Mongolia. The two both proved successful in their endeavors.[4]


Qulan Gal's role in the assassination of Genghis Khan, which allowed the Assassin Order to spread its influence,[2] earned Qulan Gal great praise, so much so that a statue of him was built in his honor in the Sanctuary underneath the Villa Auditore in Monteriggioni, Italy.[1]

By the time of the Renaissance, Qulan Gal's sarcophagus had been moved to the Rocca di Ravaldino in Forlì, Italy. The Assassin Ezio Auditore da Firenze explored Qulan's tomb and took the seal from his sarcophagus, which helped the former acquire the Armor of Altaïr.[1]



  • Qulan is from Turki ,means a black-tailed chestnut gray-white mixed-race wild horse.
  • Gal means "frie" in Mongolian,it may have originated from the prototype of "Mongol":MENGK GAL,means "Eternal fire".


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