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"I was always running. I did not take enough time to appreciate the good things in my life. Like Ayar. He was god and yet I ran."
―Quila regretting her decision of leaving her husband, 1536[src]

Quila was an Incan woman and a chasqui who uncovered a plot to assassinate Emperor Manco Inca Yupanqui during the Spanish conquest of the Inca Empire in the 16th century.


Early lifeEdit

The niece of a respected chasqui, or running messenger, Quila decided to leave her husband in Cuzco in 1534 to follow her uncle's path, dreaming of one day meeting the Emperor. Despite her speed and stamina, Quila was looked down upon by the other all males chasquis, who constantly told her that she was not a true chasqui and that she should go home to be a good wife. The only exception was Turi, a young chasqui novice, whom Quila secretly took under her wing, teaching him how to read quipus.

By 1536, according to the Spanish Don Gonzalo Pardo, Quila had become the fastest chasqui among those he had seen pass before him, while sleeping off his wine on the roadsides.

Discovering a plotEdit

That same year, after a quipu was passed to a slower male chasqui, Quila stole the message with the intent of delivering it herself. However when she read it, she accidentaly discovered a conspiracy to kill Emperor Manco, who was besieging Spanish-occupied Cuzco. Determined to warn her Emperor of the threat, Quila tried to steal Don Gonzalo Pardo's horse to quickly meet with Manco. Unluckily, the drunk giant was awake and drew his sword, threatening Quila and telling the Inca that no one was allowed to touch either his drink nor his horse.

However at the same moment, the three other chasqui from whom she had stolen the quipu caught up with her and threw a stone to her head. This act enraged Pardo, who decided to defend the stunned woman and charged the natives. Being half-drunk, he stumbled and knocked himself out.




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