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Qasim al-Dani was a Muslim bodyguard of the Moorish Prince Ali of Baza who joined the Assassins to vindicate his failure to save his lord's life in the Granada War.


Born to devout Muslim parents in Granada, Qasim al-Dani was bred from young age to serve as a bodyguard for Prince Ali of Baza. As such, he was at his master's side when Baza fell to Spanish forces in the midst of the Granada War. With the Moors badly overrun, Qasim found himself outnumbered and was eventually mowed down in the onslaught. Despite his severe injuries, he survived, having been left for dead while unconscious. In the meantime, his master was captured and executed.[1]

Devastated by his failure to protect his liege, he resolved to redeem his honor by seeking out the Assassins and joining them in their fight against the Spanish Inquisition. In the meantime, he hoped this new allegiance would give him the opportunity to avenge his prince.[1]

Personality and traits

Like his parents, Qasim al-Dani was an ardent Muslim who considered his service to the prince as a test of faith. As a result, his ultimate failure to protect him was tantamount to a dereliction of his religious duty and honor, and it became his single-minded goal to vindicate himself of this shame. He was a stoic and solemn warrior who was steadfastly loyal to his lord.[1]