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Publius Volumnius was a Roman philosopher and a member of the Roman Brotherhood of Assassins during the 1st century BCE.

Having been a student of philosophy along Marcus Junius Brutus during their youth, Volumnius became a good friend and companion of his fellow Liberatore Brutus, the man who later led the Assassin conspiracy to kill Gaius Julius Caesar. After the death of Ceasar, Volumnius accompanied Brutus on his fateful campaign to the East, which culminated in Brutus' suicide after his defeat by the Triumvirs, Octavian, Marcus Antonius and Lepidus in the Second Battle of Philippi in 42 BCE.

After Brutus' death, Volumnius was one of the Assassins who gathered in Philippi, Macedonia, and tried to use a Shroud of Eden to bring him back. However, the Shroud was not capable of such restoration, and though Brutus opened his eyes and moved, he did not appear to breathe, and eventually fell still in a seeming second death.


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