Prudence Browne (unknown – 1868) was a British citizen who lived in London during the Victorian era.


At some point prior to 1868, Prudence and Gilbert Higgins had arranged their marriage. Unable to deal with the impending loss of her freedom and seeing herself married, Prudence started visiting Dr. Alton's office to deal with the anxiety, and was prescribed a mild sedative.

Over time, Prudence grew closer to Dr. Alton, not realizing that he was suffering from a personality-disorder caused by his own experimental medicine. Expecting Alton to propose to her soon, Prudence resolved to break off her engagement to Gilbert so she could be with her loved one.

When she was confronted in the streets by an angry woman about a man named Baxter, Prudence started writing a letter to Alton. However, by the time she finished it, it had become too late for the letter to be posted, and she was scheduled to see him the following morning.

Upon their meeting in the park, Trevor Alton, residing under the influence of his 'Baxter persona' viciously stabbed Prudence to death. The murder was investigated by the Assassins Jacob and Evie Frye, who quickly learned the truth behind the tragedy.