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Journey to the New World 1

The Providence sailing across the Atlantic Ocean

The Providence was a British trading vessel during the 18th century, which was captained by Samuel Smythe.

The ship was constructed in 1748, and made several trips between Britain and the North American colonies. She also made infrequent visits to the West Indies and carried goods like tea, molasses and cloth. Accompanying this, the Providence was also equipped with cannons, which were mainly used as protection against pirates. One of her owners, Reginald Birch, was also the Grand Master of the British Templars.

As such, Birch's comrade Haytham Kenway boarded the Providence for his trip to Boston in 1754, through Birch's influence. During this journey, the Providence was attacked by another ship, which had been led to her by the Assassin Louis Mills. The Providence managed to escape by sailing through a storm, but it did cost her the main sail, which was hit by lightning. Despite these difficulties, the Providence managed to arrive in Boston.


The crew of the Providence, and her Captain, were in good order. Although Captain Smythe was known for penny-pinching, rationing and being cruel, he did not compare to other Navy captains.

The crew was generally content and hard-working, and well trained, as said by the Helmsman, and though Haytham could hear grumbling below-decks about the Captain, mutiny was non-existent.


  • As per Ubisoft's way of playing with the times, this ship is not typical of the era, as it is extremely large and lavish for a trading vessel. 
  • The Providence appears to have three decks, much like the larger warships of the time, though Haytham can only access the open upper deck and the deck immediately below it. 



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