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Protect the Clinic
Protect the Clinic 3
Technical information

Make Jamie Colley an Assassin.


Assassin's Creed III

Memory type

Liberation mission


Hoarding Provisions


In the Wolf's Lair

Historical information



New York City, New York, British America



Protect the Clinic was a virtual representation of one of Ratonhnhaké:ton's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


After completing the Liberation Missions in West New York, Connor met Jamie Colley by a doctor's cart, to discuss stopping mercenaries spreading smallpox in the area ravaged by the Great Fire.


Protect the Clinic 1

Connor meeting with Jamie Colley

  • Jamie: About time you showed up.
  • Connor: What are you doing?
  • Doctor: I mean to start my inoculations. It's the most effective way to prevent the disease.
  • Jamie: Not a worry, a pity people are so damned stupid. Eh Connor?

Connor smirked, but spotted a mercenary.

  • Jamie: What's wrong with you?
  • Connor: An attack is coming. Are you ready for a fight?
  • Jamie: Always. You tell me where you want me and I'll make sure not a single man gets through.

Connor set up ambushes for the approaching mercenaries.

  • Connor: The Assassins have long since branched out across the globe. The Colonies are no exception. The man you killed was a Templar.
  • Jamie: And here I was thinking you were helping me. I must say I'm honored. Huh. If you ever need my help again - don't hesitate.


Connor recruited Jamie, who taught the apprentices the Ambush ability. Connor also gained the key to the treasure chests in West New York.


  • A glitch caused Connor's hood to come down in the final dialogue scene, exposing the character's scalp with much shorter hair than usual.



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