Prélude to Rebellion was a virtual representation of one of Aveline de Grandpré's genetic memories.


While practicing on the harpsichord, Aveline was joined by her father, who informed her that Gérald Blanc requested her presence at the warehouse.


Aveline's practice was interrupted by the appearance of her father.

  • Aveline: Papa, you surprised me.
  • Philippe: I dared not interrupt. Your music is... breathtaking. I dare say you could stop a man's heart.
  • Aveline: You flatter me too much, Papa. The credit belongs to my teacher, I am but an instrument of his will.
  • Philippe: How blessed we are with a daughter who uses her talents in peace... not to riot in the streets of New Orleans. There is so much unrest since the arrival of the Spanish... Well, I don't want to keep you from your practice. I simply came with a message from Monsieur Blanc. At your leisure, he requests your assistance at the warehouse. Do take care when you go. The streets are not safe for a lady.
  • Aveline: No need to worry, Papa.
  • Philippe: I will try to restrain myself. I know your charm and grace will protect you like armor.

Aveline left the mansion and came across a commotion.

  • Civilian 1: Torturers! Kidnappers!
  • Civilian 2: We demand answers!
  • Guard: Unwashed scabs! Go back to your swamps.
  • Civilian 3: How many more will disappear?
  • Guard: Get back! Or I'll give you a reason to protest.

Aveline then defended the civilians from the Spanish guards.

Prelude to Rebellion 3

Aveline questioning the rioters

  • Aveline: Enough! The man is down. Don't abuse what little power you have.
  • Civilian 1: Alright. Let me go.
  • Aveline: Now what's this all about?
  • Civilian 2: People have been turning up missing. Or... not turning up, rather. That's why we–
  • Aveline: But do you have proof the Spanish are behind it?
  • Civilian 1: Kidnappings have increased since they got here.
  • Aveline: Increased?
  • Civilian 2: Life was never easy. Now it's worse.
  • Aveline: Rioting will only worsen your plight. You need evidence.
  • Civilian 1: And how are we going to get that?
  • Aveline: I... I don't know. Yet.
  • Civilian 1: Some help you are.

Aveline went on to meet with Gérald at the warehouse.

  • Gérald: Ah, Aveline! Good day. I have a er... surprise for you. What do you think? To the unknowing eye, an unassuming warehouse. But to our Brotherhood? Your new headquarters! Agaté takes his "office" in the swamp, but we thought you might prefer this for your... business dealings. From this desk you can manage – or better still, expand your family's trading empire. This room is all yours. And all of your guises are kept here. Over here, you have a private place to change your guise. And most importantly, your weapons and tools will be kept here. It is to your liking, then?
  • Aveline: It's perfect.
  • Gérald: In that case, I will leave you a quiet moment to familiarize yourself with everything.

Aveline inspected the room and then returned to Gérald.

Prelude to Rebellion 5

Gérald presenting the parasol gun to Aveline

  • Gérald: Aveline, I've er... concocted a special instrument for you.
  • Aveline: A... parasol? I suppose I should thank you but–
  • Gérald: Allow me to er... demonstrate.

Gerald revealed the parasol's hidden function by safely firing a dart.

  • Gerald: See? Elegant and deadly, just like my lady.
  • Aveline: Monsieur Blanc, you do know me so well.

Aveline accidentally fired a dart into the wall.

  • Gérald: Ah! Right, er... So... Business. Do you recall our rival, Monsieur Bouché, who was twice caught watering his wine?
  • Aveline: Up to his old tricks again?
  • Gérald: Now he claims our coffee er... erodes the nerves. He has erected a stall in the market, by the docks, and distributes handbills to that effect. Sales are... uh... impacted, and we have enough trouble keeping money in the company as it is.
  • Aveline: Say no more. I'll see to it that he ceases his slander.


Aveline protected the civilians from harm, after which she was introduced to her new headquarters and weapon. She then set out to stop a business rival slandering the de Grandpré reputation.