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Pothinus (c. 90s BCE – 47 BCE), also known as The Scorpion, was a eunuch and regent for Pharaoh Ptolemy XIII of the 1st century BCE. A member of the Order of the Ancients, he and order was responsible for the exile of Ptolemy's older sister and co-ruler, Cleopatra.

During the Battle of the Nile in 47 BCE, Pothinus was killed by the Medjay, Bayek of Siwa alongside his war elephant. Before dying, Pothinus expressed his regrets for the Order's actions in Siwa which led Bayek on his path of vengeance.[1]

Personality and characteristics

Despite being a member of the Order of the Ancients, Pothinus was not sadistic nor hungry for power, even acknowledging to Bayek that the Order went too far in Siwa. Pothinus had a genuine desire for Egypt to be peaceful and prosperous but the way he chose to do that left much to be desired.