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Place d'Armes
Jackson Square
Political information

A public square in the French Quarter of New Orleans.


New Orleans, Louisiana

Date constructed

Early 18th century

Historical information

Social gathering spot

Additional information
Significant events

Louisiana Rebellion

The Place d'Armes, referred to as Plaza de Armas under Spanish rule, was a square at the heart of colonial New Orleans, surrounded by notable landmarks including Saint Louis Cathedral and the governor's mansion. It would later be renamed to Jackson Square, a name it still carries today.

The square functioned as a public meeting place, but was also used for drills by the militia. As such, a fair amount of tents and supplies were set up around the area, as well as a few armaments, such as cannons. The square was also used for hangings and beheadings, with gallows located in the center.

With the Louisiana Rebellion in 1768, the Place d'Armes became largely blocked off, due to many of the streets having been barricaded. During this time, it became the site of a massive riot incited by the Assassin Aveline de Grandpré, in an effort to draw out governor Antonio de Ulloa. That same day, she also rode a blazing gunpowder carriage across the square, before crashing it into a nearby winery.

Over the years, the square gradually lost its military function, becoming a well-known park.


  • The Hanger achievement, which was exclusive to the PS Vita version, could be earned by hanging a guard from the gallows with the whip.



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