"Tell me, fellow Frenchmen, is it possible? If the man you call the Holy Father takes it into his head to oppose your laws, do you dare? Or are you stupid enough to give them up? What do you expect from a Pope? Screw the Pope. Believe me, it is your turn, because for ten centuries he has been screwing you."
Jacques Hébert on Pius VI in Le Père Duchesne.[src]

Pope Pius VI (25 December 1717 – 29 August 1799), born Giovanni Angelo Braschi, was Pope from 1775 to his death.

Pius was against the French Revolution, viewing it as an attack on the Roman Catholic Church. He condemned both the Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Civil Constitution of the Clergy. The latter declared that clergymen would answer to France and the revolutionary government rather than the Pope. Pius condemned it the day after it was instituted.