The interior of Piri's shop

Piri Reis' shop was a trading post in Constantinople during the Renaissance. Owned by Piri Reis, it was located within the Grand Bazaar in the Imperial District of the city.


The shop was owned and managed by Piri Reis, an Ottoman admiral, geographer, cartographer, and covert member of the Ottoman Brotherhood of Assassins. Piri's experience provided his Brothers with vast knowledge of bomb-crafting, as well as ingredients required for the bombs.

When Ezio Auditore arrived in Constantinople during his search for the Masyaf Keys during the early 16th century, he visited Piri's shop on the advice of the local Assassin leader, Yusuf Tazim. Ezio asked for information about Piri's special bombs, which Piri readily agreed to give.

Apart from buying and selling bomb components, the shop functioned similarly to an Assassin Den. It possessed a bomb-crafting station, and a map that Ezio could use to manage his apprentices.