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Pirates of a Lost Age was a virtual representation of one of Shay Cormac's genetic memories stored in the Helix, relived by a research analyst through the Animus.


Shay and Christopher Gist sailed with the Royal Navy to hunt down the pirates William Crest and Joseph Reed.


The Morrigan and the Royal Navy encountered the pirates' ships, the Cauldron and the Pilgrim, along with their French allies.

  • Gist: Pirates! We've found them, captain!
  • Shay: They should have kept to warmer climates. Prepare for battle! Here they come! Don't let them outflank us!

The Morrigan sank one of the pirate ships. The remaining ship lit fire to herself and attempted to ram her foe.

  • Shay: Well done, men! But beware the second ship, she will seek to avenge her comrade.
  • Gist: Aye, sir! She does seem rather upset.
  • Shay: Keep out of her way! We'll be smashed to splinters!


Shay sank the Cauldron and the Pilgrim, eliminating one of the few remainders of piracy in the Atlantic.