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Delivery Limassol Port 4

Captain speaking to one of his men

The Pirate Captain (unknown – 1193) was a leader of several pirate groups scattered around Cyprus and the eastern Mediterranean during the 12th century. In league with the Templars, he and several of his fellow pirates hunted Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad and Maria Thorpe to collect the bounties placed on their heads.

Altaïr first encountered the captain as he left Limassol, having stowed away on the captain's ship to reach Kyrenia. Upon Altaïr's return, he found Templars wreaking havoc in order to prevent the uprisings in Kyrenia to spread to Limassol. In order to prevent the slaughter, Altaïr assassinated several Templar commanders and their allies, including the pirate captain and his men.



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