AC4 Pirate Blunderbusses

Pirate Blunderbusses

The Pirate Blunderbusses were a set of blunderbuss flintlock pistols common to the West Indies during the Golden Age of Piracy. So-called for its popularity with pirates during that period, the pirate Edward Kenway was known to have utilized them. From 1715 to at least 1722, these pistols were sold in general stores across the settlements in the West Indies, including Havana, Nassau, and Kingston.

Weapon statisticsEdit

Damage Stun Range Cost Availability
3 3 1 800 R Sequence 2


  • In spite of being modeled after the blunderbuss, the Pirate Blunderbusses lack the later gameplay mechanics of blunderbusses and instead function as regular pistols. This is because blunderbusses as a gameplay class of weapon was not introduced into the series until the release of the DLC expansion Freedom Cry.
  • When used, the Pirate Blunderbusses produces a distinctive cannon-like crack for the first three shots. However, the sound reverts to that of the regular flintlock pistol shot on the fourth and final shot.